Duropoxi SC


Duropoxi SC is a two-component, exterior grade, non-sag gel epoxy. The 1 part A to 1 part B ratio makes it easy to mix and use for job-site applications, and water cleanup is a breeze. In addition, there is no shrinkage of this system, which can contribute to adhesive cracking and related pop-off issues.


  • Spot bonding or troweling for stone lay-up
  • Setting stone countertops
  • Tile setting
  • Stone laminating
  • Laminating stone to other construction materials
  • General purpose adhesive for concrete, masonry, stone, metal, wood, plastic

Product Information

  • Exceptional strength & durability
  • Knife grade (non-sag) viscosity
  • Easy 1:1 mix ratio
  • Water cleanup
  • Medium-Fast setup time


  • Quart Kit (1 Qt A + 1 Qt B)
  • Gallon Kit (1 Gallon A + 1 Gallon B)

Additional Information



Quart Case, Gallon Case

Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 1:1 by weight
Set Time = 4 hrs @ 75°F

Case Includes

Quart Case: 1qt A w/1qt B; Gallon Case: 1gal A w/1gal B


Duropoxi SC

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