NautiPoxy Penetrating Epoxy


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NautiPoxy™ Penetrating Epoxy is a hybrid concentrate for the classic boat builder and restoration enthusiast that impregnates the wood substrate. It is a two-component, very low viscosity, exterior grade, clear, concentrated penetrating epoxy.

Where there is open porosity, the hydrophobic resin system bonds the wood surface fibers together and into the wood substrate. This yields a stronger surface attached to the bulk of the wood itself. As a result, NautiPoxy™ Penetrating Epoxy improves water resistance of the wood substrate and offers better topcoat adhesion. Compatible with wood stains.


  • Ideal for the penetration of deep, thin cracks in wood.
  • Great as a wood primer!
  • Wood penetrating, sealing, strengthening and waterproofing solution that’s ready-made for boat construction.

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Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 2 to 1 by volume

Case Includes

2gal A w/ 1gal B


Quart/Pint Case, Quart Case, Gallon Case


NautiPoxy Penetrating Epoxy

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