Bonstone Anchor Epoxy


Epoxy Anchors, Bonds & Laminates

Zero VOC Product

Bonstone Anchor™ Epoxy is a “Slow Cure” two-part, engineering-grade high performance exterior epoxy adhesive used for anchoring stainless steel threaded rod in natural stone and concrete, as well as stone to stone bonding.



In addition to being ideal for applications in need of longer open and set times and elevated temperatures, Bonstone Anchor™ Epoxy can be used for:

  • Anchoring stainless steel bolts in stone panels
  • Anchoring concrete
  • Stone to stone bonding
  • Liner block applications
  • Laminating stone to other construction materials
  • Assembly window units
  • Exterior limestone and granite applications

Color Choices

  • Cream
  • Buff
  • Gray
  • Mustard

Bonstone Anchor can be tinted to most colors of stone for a nominal fee. There is a long open time for extended assembly time.

Additional Information



Cream, Buff, Gray, Mustard

Technical Information

Mix Ratio = 1:1 by volume
Set Time = 6 hrs @ 75°F
Apply only to horizontal surfaces when assembling

Case Includes

2 Gallon Case (1gal A with 1gal B); 6 Quart Case (3qts A with 3qts B);Pail Kit (1 A with 1 B)


2 Gallon Case (1gal A with 1gal B), 6 Quart Case (3qts A with 3qts B)


Bonstone Anchor Epoxy

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