CA Glue


Ideal for Repairing Scratches in Granite Countertops & Other Polished Stone Surfaces

CA Glue is a repair product that hides small pits and makes scratches in polished stone undetectable. Our system is ideal for quick surface repairs for polished granite countertops. If a scratch occurs during or after an installation, this simple to use system can get you a smooth polished look within 20 minutes time.

For eraser-size or deep patches, we recommend the Last Patch Dymond adhesive for the fill repair, then use the Bonstone CA Glue for a clear, high polish, top coat finish.


  • Quick repair product is ideal on hard polished stone surfaces
  • Simply overfill your scratch with Thin CA, then spray the repair with the CA Activator, razor-blade flush and buff to a shine.
  • The Gel-CA is ideal for vertical edge scratches.

Product Information

  • Fast curing
  • Inexpensive repair system

Purchasing Options

  • Super Thin Kit (1 oz Thin, 6 oz Activator)
  • Gel CA Glue Kit (1 oz Gel, 6 oz Activator)
  • CA Glue Kit (Super Thin 1 oz, Gel 1 oz, 6 oz Activator)
  • Spray Activator 6 oz
  • Super Thin 1 oz
  • Gel

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CA Glue

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