Deluxe Stone Repair Kit


Stone Repair Kit for Stone Restoration & Repair

The Deluxe Stone Repair Kit was developed for the restoration and repair of granite, marble, travertine and engineered stone. This unique and convenient kit enables you to create most on-site color matches to accurately replicate your stone appearance.

Features Last Patch Dymond, a UV stable patching compound. Includes 7 liquid tints, 7 powder tints plus 3 stone dusts to assist you in achieving your color match.

Kit Includes:

  • Last Patch Dymond  (1 kit)
  • Last Patch Accelerator  (.5 oz)
  • Mix sticks (15)
  • Razor blades (10)
  • Mix cups (30)
  • Flitz Polish
  • Pair of gloves
  • CA activator
  • CA Super Thin
  • CA Gel
  • 50ml cartridge Express II Flowing
  • 50 ml cartridge adaptor
  • Mix Nozzle
  • Assorted liquid tints (Brown, Black, Green, Yellow, Buff, Red-brown, White and Blue)
  • Assorted stone dusts (White Marble, Gray Granite and White Quartz)
  • Assorted powder tints (Rust, Gray, White, Black, Green, Yellow and Brown)
  • Mix and application instructions

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  • Repairs made in minutes
  • UV stable for exterior applications
  • Ideal for honed, flamed and polished surfaces
  • Interior and exterior surfaces


  • Natural and engineered stone restoration
  • Countertop chips and scratches
  • Vertical and horizontal tile repair
  • Hollow tile injection
  • Reattaching broken stone

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Weight4.0 lbs
Technical Data

UV stable for exterior applications


Deluxe Stone Repair Kit

#Deluxe Stone Repr Ki
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