Last Patch™ Dymond


Last Patch™ Dymond is an exterior grade, UV stable stone repair compound for granite, marble, travertine and any other highly polished natural stone surface. It offers a very fast (and adjustable) cure speed, excellent clarity, non-shrinkage, and extremely rapid hardness development, which make it ideal for harder, glossier stones such as granite.  Plus, Last Patch™ Dymond provides exceptional resistance to sunlight, which sets it apart from all other products on the market.



  • Aesthetic patches and repairs on fine grained stones
  • Patching face pins on stone panels
  • Crack repair from hairline to ¼ inch
  • Surface patching to “Dutchman Joints”
  • Monument repairs
  • Building facade repairs, chips, spalls and sign hold repairs
  • Floor and tile restoration
  • Crack repair in stone panels and sills
  • Patching exterior pavers and steps


  • Mix ratio: 1:1, Forgiving mix ratio
  • Set time: 10-20 min at 75 degrees
  • Adjustable cure speed
  • Knife-grade
  • Fast, hard & clear
  • Indoor/outdoor use
  • Color-less
  • Will not stain white or light stones
  • Non-shrinking
  • Polishable when fully cured
  • Very fast setting – quick traffic and scaffold time
  • UV stable – withstands sun exposure without discoloring
  • Exceptional strength and durability
  • Will cure at below-freezing temperatures with Universal Acccelerator
  • Color matchable

Note: For even faster set time, use Universal Acccelerator (Not recommended for work over 85°F)


  • 2 oz. Kit (1oz A + 1oz B)
  • Pint Case (1 Pint A + 3-5oz Tubes B)
  • Quart Case (1 Qt A + 6-5oz Tubes B)

Additional Information


Technical Data

Mix ratio: 1:1
Set time: 10-20 min at 75 degrees

Kit Includes

1oz A w/1oz B


Pint Case, Quart Case, 2 oz. Kit


Last Patch™ Dymond

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