Match™ Epoxy


Match™ structural epoxy is a two-part high performance adhesive used mainly for bonding, miters and anchoring of limestone and granite for exterior applications. It offers a paste consistency, like pancake batter, and has a medium set time allows for adjusting stone or anchors in various applications . It can also is used for laminating stone to other construction materials.

For pail kits size, please call to (800) 425-2214 to order.

Applications  Zero VOC Product

  • Ideal for bonding porous granites and limestone
  • Mending stone
  • Bonding stone to other construction materials
  • Exterior limestone and granite applications
  • Not recommended for patching
  • Dutchman repairs

Product Information

  • Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume
  • Set Time = 2-4 hrs @ 75°F
  • Will not stain or wet out stone
  • Can be tinted to most colors of stone for a nominal fee
  • Colors Available: Buff, Gray and Tan


  • Quart Kit (4 Qts A + 2 Qts B)
  • Gallon Kit (2 Gal A + 1 Gal B)

Additional Information


Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume
Set Time = 2-4 hrs @ 75°F


Buff, Gray, Tan

Case Includes

1qt A w/2qts B


Quart Case, Gallon Case


Match™ Epoxy

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