Duropoxi F


Duropoxi F is the newest innovation in epoxy adhesive technology from Bonstone. Duropoxi F has the same strength characteristics as the original Duropoxi with the added benefit of remaining flexible.

Most epoxies become rigid or semi-rigid when fully cured. This innovative formula remains flexible after it is cured when applied to a substrate.


  • Mosaic Tile installation on uneven surfaces
  • Laminating thin stone or ceramic tile veneer to a flexible substrate
  • Stone monument and mausoleum construction
  • Concrete, masonry and stone bonding
  • General purpose adhesive for concrete, masonry, stone, metal, and wood
  • Bonding stone to stone
  • Setting stone pavers and tiles
  • Can be used to spot bond or applied with a trowel
  • Bonding stone to steel

Product Information

  • Mix Ratio = 1:1 by Volume
  • High strength, flexible bond
  • Knife grade (non-sag) viscosity
  • Water cleanup
  • Working time of 3 hours at 75 F


  • 3 Gallon Pail A + 3 Gallon Pail B

Additional Information


Weight84.0 lbs

3gal Pail A w/3gal Pail B


Duropoxi F

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