T-2000 Epoxy


T-2000 Overview

T-2000 Instructions

T-2000 is a high-strength epoxy tile adhesive that forms a thick epoxy bed, which allows you to adjust tile, stone, or countertops onto uneven surfaces. This super knife-grade epoxy is also smooth enough for troweling, and is ideal for slab shower bonding- either spot bonding or full trowel.

Exceeds ANSI-A-118.3 requirements. Available in gallon size.

Applications  Zero VOC Product

  • Tiling walls, boat decks, elevators walls, steel-cased stairs
  • Setting stone on a outdoor fireplace
  • Adhering stone to stainless steel or aluminum
  • Installing countertops
  • Working with chemical-resistant areas and other difficult bonding jobs

Product Information

  • Mix Ratio = 3:1 by weight
  • Work Time = Greater than 2 hrs @ 75°F
  • Chemical Resistant
  • T-2000 has low VOC (below 0.500 lbs/gal)
  • Outstanding adhesion
  • Water clean up
  • Long open time
  • Sold as One Gallon Unit

Additional Information


Weight18.0 lbs
Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 3:1 by weight
Work Time = Greater than 2 hrs @ 75°F


T-2000 Epoxy

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