Bonstone Crack Repair 28


Concrete Crack Filler & Bonding Agent

Zero VOC Product

Crack Repair 28 is a medium viscosity epoxy cartridge system, which is generally used for injecting into horizontal wide cracks in stone. On vertical applications a capping compound should be used to seal the crack.

It is a little thicker in viscosity than the Crack Repair 31, but still flows. Crack Repair 28 works great for bonding new concrete to existing concrete and injection into wider masonry and stone cracks. Cracks must be capped for vertical applications.

Sold in 450ml cartridge.


  • Meets ASTM C-881, Types I, II, IV, V; Class C, Grade 2


  • Bonding new concrete to existing concrete
  • Structural grade epoxy for injection
  • Injection for wider cracks

Additional Information


Weight3.0 lbs
Technical Data

Mix Ratio = 2:1 by volume
Set Time = 3 hrs @ 75°F


Bonstone Crack Repair 28

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